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European Premiere

Dart Documentary Film Festival on Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain

The European premiere of the highly anticipated documentary "Art Lovers Unite" was met with a packed audience at the Dart Documentary Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The film, which stars fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and artist Dacob, was directed by Patrick J. Thomas and Dacob.

Held at the Cinema "Cinemes Girona", the premiere drew a large crowd of film enthusiasts and fans of Westwood and Dacob's work. After the screening, Patrick J. Thomas and Dacob participated in a Q&A session, answering questions from the audience and providing insight into the making of the film. The Q&A session was a highlight of the evening as Patrick J. Thomas and Dacob were very candid and open in their responses to questions from the audience.

Overall, the European premiere of "Art Lovers Unite" was a resounding success, with the film receiving positive feedback and the Q&A session providing a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with the directors and stars.

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